Timeless Icons

Coloro i quali, con le loro personalità,

le loro maniere, il loro modo di indossare capi ordinari

e trasformarli in indumenti leggendari,

ci fanno ambire a diventare uomini migliori.




  • I T A L I A N S
  • Leather is always a good ideaA blue trousers in cottonhellip
  • An empty collar totally unstructured a handmade shoulder which enhanceshellip
  • A dream doesnt beacome reality through magic it takes sweathellip
  • Still time for a linen jacket matched with a shirthellip
  • Italy will never be a normal country just because Italyhellip
  • Yesterday we had the privilege to visit the famous Cantinehellip
  • BUONGIORNO FIRENZE  frankgallucci proudtobeitalian firenze bellitalia
  • Gala Dinner in one of the most charming Palace inhellip
  • Here we areThe new 1815 Rattrappante Perpetual Calendar Handwerkskunst byhellip