Timeless Icons

Coloro i quali, con le loro personalità,

le loro maniere, il loro modo di indossare capi ordinari

e trasformarli in indumenti leggendari,

ci fanno ambire a diventare uomini migliori.




  • SelfconfidenceThats the key! Its the most attractive quality a person
  • Always a pleasure being in your house ottaviomissoni Thanks as
  • Less is moreJust a pleated pants in cotton with a
  • Calabrians sometimes do it better nicolascamardi friends pic by vincenzogrillo
  • Yes its totally summerJust yesterday in a super fresh total
  • Always by my sideThe most important woman giuliagaudino On the
  • The perfect watch to match my outfit today omega FrankGallucci
  • As seen on gq captured by vincenzogrillo  Linen from
  • Color and proportionTry to Find always the right balance and
  • All we need is selfconfidence omega OMEGAmychoice FrankGallucci proudtobeitalian rsimacourbe