First day of Pitti
7 February 2015
2nd day of Pitti
10 February 2015

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Third day of Pitti…
The last day I worn a three piece that I made with “Sartoria Diletto” and in the specific with Andrea who is the owner and the real soul of this company… our focus is on the suit and then very soon you can know better how they work trough an interview!!
Let’s go to talk about the suit..The fabric is a four season: it means that you can use it for the whole year; it’s a burgundy windowpane on the blue royal, good if you have formal situation above all if worn with the waistcoat!!Usually when I choose a sartorial suit, I try often to create a neapolitan shoulder well known as “spalla arricciata”, high waisted pants with deep double pleats and 4,5 cm of turn-up….The rest is “portamento”……..

See you soon

I wear:

suit SARTORIA DILETTO (made to measure)
pocket-square FERRUCCI MILANO