Dubai Mall
17 January 2016
Pitti 89 day 1
3 February 2016

Get a Maserati with a Pirelli tire and the result is guaranteed.

The combination of Pirelli-Maserati is the reason why I was invited together with a  friend, Andrea Schiavina (photographer) and member of the club NGA, in Courmayeur, a strategic location to be able to prove the new Maserati Ghibli and the Maserati four-door in an appealing test on the ice. Left Milan with the whole team on Friday in the afternoon, we arrived after a few hours trip to Courmayeur to attend the opening night in the Maserati point; after some usual photos we went in a typical restaurant and finally we end the frosty evening in style with a delicious dinner !! Next day the alarm sounds off early, around 7am;  quick but huge breakfast in our hotel and then move to the top of Mont Blanc to take a photo shoot in a shelter !! After lunch we start shooting the video highlighting the features of the Maserati on the ice … Personally I was not aware of the fact that every Maserati has the tires that Pirelli creates specifically for the prestigious Italian car.

The test was exciting mostly because we personally tried the cars and in addition we were lucky enough to try a lot of maneuvers with the Maserati factory riders who have literally delighted us with their abilities !! Of course a special thanks to all the shooting team without whom this work would not have happened … The day ends with a dinner in a “baita” that we could only achieve through the help of the snowmobile that leads to the top under a thick snowfall that makes the whole thing much more fascinating …

The experience comes to an end with the return in Milan overnight waiting for a new “experience” as soon as possible.


here some pictures about the day:


Frank Gallucci