Cool Biker
13 April 2016
frankgallucci missoni
White and beige
21 April 2016


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I took this shooting during  women’s fashion week, and if I had to think in chronological order, I should not publish it but I must because this kinda outfit is very expendable for everyday although maybe the “paisley” of the trousers may be not too sober.

The Paisley is a design obtained using the boteh or buta, a vegetable-shaped pattern of Persian origin drop. These designs become very popular in the West in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as a result of imports of such models from British India, particularly in the form of shawls of Kashmir. Although its origins in the Persian and Indian culture, takes its name from the country of Scotland; however, before arriving on our clothes, as often happens, has been widely used in architecture and for the creation of jewelry, paintings, curtains, quilts, rugs, pottery … In the fashion house Etro is necessary to recognize the fact of his extreme use to order to recognize the so-called “paisley” almost as total prerogative of the brand !!

For the rest I instead implemented a strong contrast between trousers and top, mixing three different shades of beige !!

Frank Gallucci