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Pitti uomo 92 day 1
2 July 2017
The shirt collar: what about the choice?
17 July 2017


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Photo by Guerre


It seems like the title of a movie set in Soho, one of the most fascinating neighborhoods I’ve ever known, where twists of culture, styles, races perfectly blend themselves. Every time that I come back to New York, I save an entire day to be spent in Soho to breathe that air of innovation; the very tiny streets where shops and restaurants are so close that they seem to overlap one to the other. A neighborhood that oozes passion, taste, elegance and mystery; an aerea of the city in which relax comes to light also thanks to a large variety of restaurants where you can rest as soon as the need for curiosity surrenders to tiredness. For that day I have decided to wear an old piece which I jealously keep in my wardrobe since one of my best friends has given it to me: the red double breasted suit. I completely understand that it is quite a strong piece, but in the end, when you feel at ease and you give it a context, you can easily wear it. It is a “made to measure” double breasted suit, very “fitted” in the upper part and left softer in the trousers to make it more comfortable. During the week I’ve spent in New York, the weather was quite variable, so I’ve opted for a worn out denim shirt under the suit and a white t-shirt at the basis which creates neutrality between the blue of denim and the strong red of the suit and that matches with the vintage Stan Smith by ADIDAS.


Frank Gallucci