Baleari – Yacht Experience

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17 July 2017
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The challenge with myself
22 July 2017
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Photo by Vincenzo Grillo


End of May… Baleari


Our experience on boat powered by “Pil Associati” begins from Palma de Mallorca for three days of shooting between Ibiza and Formentera; the crew is composed by four influencers,besides me also Giulia Gaudino, Alessandro Magni and Natasa Blair. The international photographer Vincenzo Grillo and a journalist, Francesca Petroni of Urban Magazine who followed us step by step our trip for a final reportage.

Landed in Palma de Mallorca, we went straight on the yacht and we had an aperitivo on board for a pleasant welcome. The following day started the real journey: wake up so early because we had to travel 5 hours from Palma to Formentera by boat and we could only lie down and sunbath until the arrival. After spending 5 hours traveling, we’ve just arrived in Formentera aka “isla magica” where in the specific we could start the productions of contents about video and pictures. White beaches, crystal clear sea made our day. A small break for a boat lunch and then head back to work … a very profitable day that literally exhausted us. At sunset we moved from Formentera to Ibiza where we head off, once we get off the boat, at dinner. The next morning, the working location provides a day trip between the boat and the land until it ends with the final aperitif at Cafe del Mar and then dinner all together before departing very early on the next day.

A delightful trip that has helped to make the bond between us all the more powerful.




Parah / Espadrilles / G-shock / Ferruccio Vecchi


 Frank Gallucci