Last dinner with the crew
29 December 2015
9 January 2016


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Ok, again here for a new year!!!

After a little break for Christmas vacation where I have been traveling three days on five; I came back in Milan for the last day of the year!!We took this pics before leaving for the South, so as you can well see the temperature was really warm….Now Milan and all Italy is freezing..

The mix of the colors is that I prefer for winter…light colors which get the outfit so pleasant and warm for the chromatic point of view!! Grey of the knitwear goes perfectly with the beige or white…sneaker could be total white or also blu or beige..that’s my personal opinion..A bit of inventiveness for your personality.

With me in the pics, there is Tommy, a great friend whom I really respect because he is pure and he has a big humanity…I found him around the street and of course I wanted him with me!!!


Frank Gallucci