25 May 2016
Old school
6 June 2016


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Maybe the easiest color to wear  because of its versatility.
Should not we wear suit and sneakers?? so it’s for sure unconventional but who cares….doesn’t matter!
Feel comfortable with what you wear and break the rules…stay far from the standard!!
today’s suit is the “Zero Gravity” by Tombolini, totally made in Italy with a super light wool (350 gr the entire suit) of Vitale Canonico Barberis excclusively for them. A kind of suit surely more sporty  for its consistence and structure (completely unstructured) so I prefered to mix it with a denim vest which has 4 pockets and an easy candid white tee.
And the here we are with the shoes: blue sneakers to complete the look in a right way. Probably old school doesn’t tolerate this choice but you need to vary giving more freshness.
Frank Gallucci