Morning in #Mydubai
13 November 2015
Bond n.9 Amber
13 November 2015

bond 9


A fragrance capable of transmitting a blow of wild flowers grown in the city and an all industrial spirit note.

Bond No.9 High Line is bouquet of floral and marine notes definitely androgynous highly in contrast with flowers able to resist to any climate condition and with grasses along the High Line path. The top note recalls an herbal grass plant, the eragrostis spectabilis, tied to a citrus note of bergamot and indian spicy rhubarb. The floral heart of the perfume is made of red leaf rose, “Lady Jane” tulips and grape hyacinth. Its persistent bottom notes combine the oak of local trees which offer repair and vigorously grow, to imported sea musk to recall the closeness of the Hudson river, together with notes of musk and teak wood, to remember us that Bond No. 9 High Line is a metropolitan perfume.


A cura di Davide Pratticò