23 November 2015
Blue in #mydubai
2 December 2015


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Photo by Eleonora Proietti

Hello friends…

First of all I must say I am really happy that at least in Italy, but not only, it is coming back the real taste of the elegance…my concept of stylishness obviously doesn’t focus just on a jacket and tie..it can be stylish in different way: behavior with yourself and with the people… I truly think that this kind of concept is really a totality and you can not explain the elegance only around menswear or clothes.. Today the focus is on a kind of collar shirt which is back from the past also thanks to Brook’s Brothers because they produced it again!

This collar Is named “club collar”; It was originally used by the students of the prestigious “ Eton College” in UK ( people like Duke of Wellington, prince Willam and prince Henry attended it) and this denoted the membership… Clearly it is a particular collar which could be used by everyone but if you are a maniac (like italians) of forms related to your proportion of your face I must be honest and specify that this collar has a round shape, so it isn’t especially recommended for those who have a round face because it would increase the perception of the roundness; in case you have a square or thin face, you will be really on point!!