15 September 2016
frankgallucci mariagraziaseveri
An interesting rooftop
2 October 2016

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Photo by Andrea Menin of “ChillaxingRoad”


It’s not usual wearing black for me, not for a specific reason, but just because it’s not a kind of color which belongs to me..said that, I must say there are some rules so fundamental like the absolute elegance of the black on a tuxedo also if I have other colors of it.

The trousers I am wearing today, it’s made in Naples: a different garment for its structure: a comfy zone in the upper part that becomes thinner in the lower part close to the end of the pants. The upper part is so particular: besides a double deep pleats it has an unusual sophisticated fold on the pocket.

Never make a sartorial turn-up to this kind of trousers..make it manually rolling up them two or maximum three times.. Yellow shirt and conventional dark brown derby go to end the combination.


Trousers  DonVich / sunglasses Leisure Society / Watch Marathon


Frank Gallucci