7 March 2017
Tone on Tone
17 March 2017
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Photo by ChillaxingRoad



This, according to me, is the most appropriate term; many confuse it or interpret it as versatility, but they are two different yet close concepts. Contamination in clothing is one the best ways to find new inspirations: new styles mix, new ideas, old and new school which blend, different fabrics that cross themselves, formal garments which meet and confront with more casual ones…many are the paths to walk to legitimately justify such a concept. Personally I make it a way of life and I not only circumscribe it to a mere clothing question, but I also try to transfer it into daily passions. If you analyze the single pieces that I’ve combined today, it is easy to say that there is not a great heterogeneity, since the shoes don’t match with a double breasted coat and the pajama (yes it is exactly a pajama) jacket certainly isn’t a daily choice. But even from elements which are so contrasting you can give birth to a very precise idea, so by using the newly launched shoes by ADIDAS and the pajama jacket designed specifically by me in order to become a daily garment, I couldn’t but match them with uniform colors and fabrics: denim was the best choice. The washed shade of blue which fades into green and that moves towards the gray of the coat. 

The sunglasses by CLAN Milano which I am wearing is the model “Diego black” that you will find on the link below:



Frank Gallucci