New York
11 April 2016
20 April 2016


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Photo by ChillaxingRoad



During fashion week, you must move quickly to try to be on time for all appointments. In one of those days me and my friend Giorgio Merlino we have had the privilege of being accompanied by a motorcycle whose historical blazon makes it shine even more: as you have seen from the pictures I’m talking about the “Mv Augusta”

Obviously my outfit was not quite as  biker but having some shows I could not do in a different way.. I tried to find a good compromise !! The pants with double pleats in a shade of dark gray going to turn off the shine light gray of the turtleneck….. It was a particular cold day but having to ride a motorcycle I opted for a coat with a  technical fabrique of Antonio Marras extremely comfortable because of the soft fit and even the presence of the back pockets so you can insert or take off objects from pockets very easily: in these cases must prevail practicality rather then beauty…but if you try to be cooler you won!!

Frank Gallucci