11 December 2015
In the heart of Dubai
26 December 2015

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Photo by Eleonora Proietti


Yes, cosmopolitan…

The current man, is a man who tryes to be always on point with the constant changes of the society..changes which come from new dynamics, new habits from differents points of view!!

Actually, men travel a lot for work and unless you have a sort of strict “dress code” imposed by your kind of job you can think about a new way of wearing !!

This kind of outfit completely represents my idea of perception towards versatility that any of us, in my opinion, should have to avoid to become too static…Today the chosen items for this outfit have different backgrounds:

Cargo trousers were born as casual items because of the two pockets on the sides; while the leather biker jacket as a functional accessory for bikes which later become an iconic item for everyday use; the so called in Italian “Serafino” shirt was born to be worn under shirts, yet nowadays is used as a standalone item also shown in various advertising campaigns; the leather bag which initially was used mostly by women while men, used it for traveling purposes only, today has become a daily use accessory!! All these elements combined can create an easy outfit to be worn in different occasions, even for work!!