Beige & White
25 July 2015
frankgallucci mfw
Ordinary day at MFW
8 August 2015

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photo by Eleonora Proietti


The choices that we have to build up our outfit can become quite hard when finding ourselves in front of our wardrobe to combine our loyal suit with proper accessories, in order to define our daily look…once having chosen the suit, I always advice you to move to the vest and then tie, shirt and shoes…at the end you only need to complete everything with the color of the coat and a pair of shoes! Today I want to focus on the tie that I am wearing, a piece made by Bottega Damerini, a style shop in which is given birth to italian excellence from the deep south of Puglia…a 100% cashmere tie which distinguishes itself  also for the particular label adorned by the name of the lady who has hand sewn the article…all this to underline the real values and the mission of this company!

See you soon