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13 October 2015
Belstaff Roadmaster
13 October 2015

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Usually, when referring to a football player, the words style and class are used to describe his technique on the pitch, however, for one particular player, those words can also be used to describe his elegance outside the soccer field, which made him a true style icon of our days. About whom are we talking? We are talking about England’s legendary number 7, David Beckham!

Born in London on May the 2nd 1975, Beckham has been without any doubt one of England’s best footballers of any time, able to win the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League in the same year, with its Manchester United. Besides the United one, David has also worn Real Madrid, AC Milan, Los Angeles Galaxy and Paris Saint Germain’s jerseys, enchanting supporters from all over the world with incredibly accurate passes and, obviously, with his signature free kicks.

Sentimentally tied to the ex Spice Girl Victoria Adams, who became his wife in 1999, Beckham has always attracted the media attention not only for his soccer performances, but also for his private life and many companies have linked their name to David’s one, among them H&M, Breitling and Belstaff. Thanks to the continuous presence of his images on British tabloids before and on magazines and blogs all over the world later, also non soccer fans have been able to appreciate the “Beckham style”, characterized by an innate ability to elegantly wear both casual clothes and impeccable made to measure suits, combined with iconic haircuts.


With Frank’s help, we have chosen some of the most representative looks of this sports legend.


Look Biker Jacket

beckam leather jacket


Rebel, yet classy look, characterized by Belstaff Kendal Jacket, with its extra slim cut, combined with a simple yet effective white t-shirt.



Look Newsboy Cap



In this look, David combines an elegant slim wool overcoat with a classic denim and a pair of light boots, but the key part of the look is the hat. Known as the Newsboy hat, because it was usually worn by boys who sold newspapers on the streets at the beginnings of the 20th Century and recently back into fashion with the movie The Great Gatsby, it can make iconic even a really simple look 



Denim on denim look

beckam denim


Some say it is necessary to limit the worn denim items to one at a time, but as demonstrated by style icons such as Steve McQueen, if you choose two completely different washes the result will be impeccable. In this case, David opts for a grey shaded pair of jeans and an ice blue shirt, refining the look with a wool hat, a sporty steel watch and a traveling bag by Louis Vuitton


Belstaff Roadmaster Look

david beckam on frank gallucci


Although it’s part of a campaign, this look is fundamental to describe the “Beckham style”. Just like David, the Roadmaster jacket by Belstaff combines a sporty style with classical English elegance; realized with the legendary waxed cotton and the signature Belstaff check, with four flap pockets and belt to make the fit even slimmer



 Formal Look

beckam torcia


With the same confidence used to score assists and free kicks, Beckham wears impeccable suits like a true British Gentleman. ! In this case, during London Olympics of 2012, he chose a two button navy suit with notch lapis and an English structured shoulder, combined with a blue shirt with white contrasted collar that recalls the pocket square and a silk tie with golden tiebar. Extra accessory that cannot be ordered at your tailor’s: the Olympic Torch


written by Francesco Tarabuzzi