Paris with Fede
5 November 2015
Dubai fashion week
10 November 2015


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Well, the cover I’ve dedicated to this post is emblematic and full of historical content: our walk which imitates the one made by General Charles De Gaulle with our heads down as sign of respect for him…I am a lover of History and two French characters have attracted me since I was a child: De Gaulle e Napoleon…I confess to you that every time I go to Paris I try to get some time to visit Napoleon at “Les Invalides” because that place, which in theory should be mournful, strangely relaxes me, also because it incredibly beautiful…for this last day of fashion week, after the austere three piece of the day before, I’ve opted for an easier outfit and you can’t go wrong with denim…a denim suit to which I’ve combined a contrasting waistcoat and opting for a white t-shirt instead of the usual shirt which would have made it predictable.