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Latin America
8 October 2016
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Green olive
18 October 2016
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Photo by Matteo Bianchessi


The Fashion Week is about to end and it is already time to enjoy the departure towards Paris…Missoni’s show represents a must to me not only because I proudly collaborate with them but also because it represents one the milestones of the “sistema Italia”…a fashion house that despite being a big name it is still capable of transmitting a value that to me is the most important: family, yes that entity that sometimes is not enclosed among the home walls but naturally extends itself to the consecutive four office walls. Sooner or later I will show you closely what happens in the productive department of this company, which means from where the garments are born, the love that employees have towards these colors, the passion expressed by every single member, the incredible preciseness that can be noticed by the particular beauty of the clothes.
Then, one of the qualities I appreciate the most resides into the discretion that Missoni represents; that discretion which distinguishes them because there is no reason to shout out your own way of being….that is the reason why I have entitled the post DIM LIGHT…this is why I really wanted to shoot in the evening, in a situation where there is no need for the help of sunlight to understand what we are talking or writing about.
Frank Gallucci