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6 December 2016
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7 December 2016





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One of the most important events of the year takes place in Paris…this year Tronchetti Provera & co have chosen the French capital to celebrate the 2017 Pirelli Calendar.

The electrifying atmosphere during the hours that anticipate the Gala dinner is easily recognizable; the controls that await us at the entrance are pretty serious, but thinking about the events that have happened here in Paris just a year ago it is more that comprehensible. Many photographers wait for the celebrities on the red carpet…  The dress code is mandatory: “black tie” which means that elegance is all around; the ladies who are around us are incredibly beautiful, all wearing cocktail dresses at the best of their sensuality. On the other hand, men are trying to wear as much as possible the clothes of the world’s most famous secret agent (it is a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it sometimes). Finally the long awaited guests arrive to destination: Afef and his husband Tronchetti Provera, precede Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Helen Miller and the author of this well known shots, that will last indelible in time, Peter Lindbergh.

Marco Tronchetti Provera’s austere elegance in total black reflects the incredible perfection of his tuxedo but above all a remarkable precision in its proportions. Afef’s timeless beauty and charme, Uma Thurman’s astonishing charisma, Nicole Kidman’s magnetic eyes; yes, this is the exact word to describe Mrs. Kidman’s look (I have never seen a more beautiful woman until now). And then the maestro Peter Lindbergh, with the smile of the one who knows that all eyes are on him, who knows the coat of arms he carries with him but still introduces himself with irony and humility; he arrives on the red carpet with an unconventional style since he matches his tuxedo to a blue t-shirt and a beige baseball hat just because only true artists know they are allowed to do it and this makes them even more unique.

The evening has been very pleasant and it has become a dancing night after dinner.

For the occasion I’ve chosen a midnight blue shawl collared tuxedo (this color is so called because it is in between black and blue). The trousers have a sartorial cut with one pleat and a high waist so I have avoided to wear the cummerbund and I’ve opted or a blue velvet bow tie that could match the suit. Never forget the cufflinks (better if neutral) and the silk pocket square: small details that never get unnoticed. 





Frank Gallucci