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13 November 2015
What to wear for a safari…
17 November 2015

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Photo by Simon Scott White



Discovering the authentic Dubai with an amazing staff which was at our disposal to let us live an impeccable experience…Usually, what remains more impressed into the mind of Dubai visitors, is the economical super power which is reflected by the futuristic architecture which brings 90% of Dubai visitors to remain astonished, most of the time with their heads looking up to admire buildings that reach extreme height…but usually we forget that behind the future resides a much more fascinating and soaked up with culture…our experience into the Arabic territory starts in the best possible way, by entering into the old Dubai to visit the “ Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding ” through which we had been able to understand many habits, traditions and customs of the Arab Emirates…After having tasted the typical breakfast we had a look at the neighborhoods of the ” Fahidi Historic District ” where we had been able to see the original residences…from there, we took a ferry which took us to the opposed side of Dubai where we visited, surrounded by spices and fabrics, the local market!!

At the end of this first intense morning we came back to the “ Manzil Downtown “, the hotel which hosted us for the whole stay, for a quick break before leaving for the safari. Well, probably the safari was exactly the most suggestive experience, because only by visiting the desert you can breathe that particular and surreal atmosphere…after a short trip of more or less 45 minutes we arrived into the desert where the guys of ” Platinum Heritage ” where waiting for us, to start the safari which was organized in the most authentic way, since the cars we used where the old Land Rover without top…The whole experience ended with a typical dinner in the desert, under the sky and entertained by local dances…