MMFW’18 January
8 March 2018
19 March 2018


Why Dubai is the answer?

Simply the magic land where every more hidden desire will be satisfied; the city grows at eyesight day by day; the place whose winter is an unlimited pleasure…in other words, a real paradise created in a very short time, where thanks to the sheiks’ organization and vision, today tourism peaks at 40% of the gross domestic product.

This, for me, is the second time in Dubai, so I’ve opted for some locations and experiences which were different from the ones previously chosen. First of all, the first substantial difference is related to the private sphere: my girlfriend and colleague Giulia Gaudino by my side. We left from Malpensa around lunch time, we land in Dubai at 10.15 pm, where we are welcomed by a very mild temperature and a driver who will directly take us into the desert, exactly at the Babal Shams Resort. A real luxury oasis into the desert: the rooms, very spacious and extremely original, propose the style, colors and smells of the desert, with the presence of a private terrace. After a long day of travel, we finally turn off the lights and the awakening after few hours is really sweet: the little terrace we were speaking about before nests a fantastic awakening where the silence of the desert echoes in the morning and warm colors fill our pupils. After a delicious breakfast the day is divided between a mini safari into the desert and an afternoon of total relax by the pool until the evening in which we had the pleasure to taste a typical arabian dinner under the starry sky. The following day, we leave definitively the resort to move towards the heart of the town passing before by a new area called Alserkal Avenue a sort of melting pot where art, design, music, production and so on blend together and then by the famous Miracle Garden, an immense garden in which the fantasy of those who created it indulged on it and the strangest desires have been satisfied. Our home for the next three days has been the Palace Downtown with an enormous room and a terrace facing the pools with the famous fountains. During the evening we have been guested in one the three restaurants inside the hotel and we enjoyed a nice dinner for two under the Burj Khalifa and then we went straight to bed as the morning after the alarm was set very early, at 4.30 am since we included into the journey plan an alternative way of seeing the dawn from a particular point of view: from a balloon, but probably the pictures will give you a better idea rather than words. 

The experience has been amazing, as you live it literally from the beginning till the end: actually you arrive into the desert very early where balloon pilots and helpers are waiting for you; initially the balloons are deflated so you assist to the inflating process which is quite fast to then hop in position and start to fly. The feeling is very particular as you are able to admire the sun rise from a privileged position almost looking at it at the same height. After about one and a half hour we prepare for landing which happens quietly and from there we prepare to have breakfast in a location specifically created for tourists and from there a true desert safari with authentic Defenders. After more than an hour of safari in which we paused several times to understand closely some peculiarities related to the ecosystem (the presence of determined oasis, which are the animals which live in the arabic desert, how they survive, the kind of drought and the methods to fight it, the presence of a certain vegetation and so on), we come back to the hotel where the afternoon is dedicated to to a spa treatment offered by the hotel as a complimentary gift meanwhile the evening is entirely dedicated to the vision of a breathtaking show at the “La Perle” theatre, where trapezists, waterfalls, water flows and amazing scenic designs have literally kept us glued to the chairs. The following day, unfortunately, the departure gong rings, but before it we have the time to pay visit the last locations to have a general picture of Dubai…the first pit stop is at La Mer an area located by the sea which reminds me a lot of Australia, with palms and wooden walks with various kinds of restaurants which face the sea. At lunchtime, we stop at an Italian restaurant which hasn’t been open for long but which, and I really want to underline this, has significantly stolen our taste buds to such an extent that we required the Chef presence at our table to really congratulate with him a lot: this very cozy and welcoming place which I really recommend is “The Artisan”. After a good coffee we direct ourselves to see the last local monument, the Dubai Frame, and finally a quick look at the Dubai design district before coming back to the hotel and close our luggages…at this point, arrived at the end of this other experience it is now time to draw conclusions: at just two years from my last visit to Dubai it is incredible how this town is constantly evolving to such an extent where it is possible to find entire new areas built from zero in such a short amount of time. The sake of innovation without never abandoning its own culture tied to very deep roots is sensational and its even more sensational the fact that even if you find yourself into a such globalized place, Arabic tradition can still be abundantly felt.