Timeless Icons

Those who, with their personalities,

their manners, their way of wearing ordinary clothes

and transform them in legendary garments,

make us aspire to become better men.




  • Focus chillaxingroad FrankGallucci proudtobeitalian Details
  • Re Giorgio non crea abiti regala emozionida sempre! armani FrankGallucci
  • Easy like a tuesday morning chillaxingroad Suit armani Moccassin churchs
  • We dont need a specif office to workWe are always
  • Italian Sunday FrankGallucci proudtobeitalian bellaitalia Fendi
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  • Ormai tutti sapete il mio profondo orgoglio di essere cittadino
  • Everyone should have a shower with a viewGood morning!! FrankGallucci
  • Nothing elseGood morning FrankGallucci proudtobeitalia BELLAITALIA
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