Timeless Icons

Those who, with their personalities,

their manners, their way of wearing ordinary clothes

and transform them in legendary garments,

make us aspire to become better men.




  • Really proud of these shoes with my name for the
  • A Man should look as if he has bought his
  • Casual chic  FrankGallucci proudtobeitalian Nike MyflyWoven marcolessi
  • Milan and its architecture! FrankGallucci proudtobeitalian Lifestyle Beige marcolessi
  • Soft shoulder and pleated pants chillaxingroad FrankGallucci proudtobeitalian details
  • Doublebreasted yes but in this case with a crew neck
  • La bellezza incomparabile del nostro paesei colori che avvolgono il
  • Saturday night in Sorrento celebrating a Gala dinner with porscheitalia
  • We are ready to fly so please fasten your seat
  • Step by step is the the first rule! santoniofficial FrankGallucci