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2 November 2017
frankgallucci panerai
Milanese Panerai
3 January 2018
frankgallucci panerai

Every important experience starts from the origin.

Clearly my story with Officine Panerai begins in their Head Quarter in Milan for the official signature about the project which sees me as the only digital Ambassador for the Italian market. The first shooting called “One day in Florence” begins at 5 am when I set my alarm. The city is still silent and the marvelous scent of coffee wraps gently the house. We arrived in Florence where the Panerai’s team is waiting for me, who in advance had organized the program in detail. We chose Florence as its first stop because the company has Florentine origins. A long day of shooting with various looks totally matched with the elegant environment. I do not think there is need to describe the sumptuous beauty of this city beyond the images that speak alone.