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Nike Air Jordan
8 August 2017
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Pitti uomo 92 day 3
29 August 2017
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When you go on vacation on a boat, it’s easy to get stressed to understand what to put in your luggage in order not to result neither too easy nor too excessively elegant. In my humble opinion, there are some iconic garments which should enter our luggage by default and that a man should have in his wardrobe to be used when needed; we are talking about linen shirts, comfortable matching shorts, loafers, panama hat: hence, even in situations in which comfort is suggested, you can always find a good compromise with style. When getting off the boat, anyway, it is possible to choose something different. As soon as I have known about this experience, I have called Saverio Santillo and asked him an iconic garment which could carry me during an evening on the boat as well as on dry land, maybe for a dinner on the sea or simply for a drink. From this point, came the choice for the “Glenans”: an iconically inspired sweater cut straight with a clean and essential fit; a sort of jersey to be worn when a sudden gust of wind transforms into something annoying especially on the islands where temperature ranges mark the days after the sunset. The fabric, made in the unmistakable navy shade, has been created by a particular mesh of tricot string, with a  breathable and very solid hand; a pure cotton fabric chosen for its type of tough structure to enhance its resistance and durability. Many of you know that my style imprinting is focused on shape and color cleanliness but simultaneously I always look for details which distinguish us and leave a lasting mark into the people with whom we relate. The detail I refer to is the particular kind of buttoning created by internal hiding button which is completed by the presence of a broom and linen frog which gently fastens to a little horn. The shawl collar denotes a certain softness and kindness in its shape which lets you use it both with a simple tee or maybe with a denim shirt like I did for an slightly more elegant evening.

Here you can find the link for the GLENANS by the shirt masters of Santillo 1970.
Frank Gallucci