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8 December 2016
Deep Blue
31 December 2016
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Photo by Eleonora Proietti



In the world of style, there are some iconic pieces which you cannot leave out of consideration and which probably will never see an end since the men who made them iconic have been able to leave a very important mark in history. The piece which we are about to describe is the first model that the legendary Steve McQueen has worn during his motorbike races: the Johnson Motors jacket, then the great brands that we already know like Barbour and Belstaff have arrived, but for the record, it is right and deserved to put it into the list.

The Johnson Motors,Inc was born in Pasadena, California, in 1938 and even if it was one of the principal retailers of Triumph motorbikes and had collaborated with movie stars such as Marlon Brando and James Dean, it became famous only after the years 2000. A vintage garment, iconic, tribute to the jacket worn by Steve McQueen in 1964 during one of the toughest motorbike races of all times, the Six Day Trials, which was held in East Germany through mountains, forests and dirt roads; very comfortable in the fitting, as the motor racing jacket needs to allow all movements when riding the motorbike, with realistic details such as the instructions to be followed by riders during the race and the number plate of the bike embroidered on the shoulder.

Often, many people cannot understand that many iconic characters which have left a mark in history, are considered icons exactly because they did not exaggerate while dressing themselves, yet they were wearing just the essential or they did not care too much about it anyway. Today, in order to follow their path, I’ve simply chosen a pair of denim and a cardigan made of tick wool with a white tee.


Frank Gallucci