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27 April 2017
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In the overview of men’s suits, gray represents one the milestones. Usually it is a kind of color which will always be second to blue, because in any case, the darker tone is easier to be worn and it works as a passe-partout. Nevertheless, for a well assorted wardrobe, the various declinations of gray must be absolutely there, because various shades of color are suitable to different situations. Even if it’s true that antracite gray is considered as the counterpart of navy blue, it also necessary to say that the light gray which I am wearing today, is much easier than light blue.

This shade of gray is suggested for a daily look and matches well with business environments, because it communicates willpower but at the same time it doesn’t transmit that typical stiffness related to institutional suits. Clearly, the admitted colors for shirts choice are the canonical two: light blue or white…also pink could be considered, yet it wouldn’t be too appropriate for crucial meetings and for this reason we will leave this color to some days in which ordinary administration takes over extraordinary.

And shoes?

Well, gray integralists will never move their answer from: BLACK OF COURSE…but you what I think about it and that is to say that also in this case we need some flexibility. Surely the best combination falls back to classic black, yet also very dark brown is perfectly suitable, except in case there will be a black tie or belt: everything must be perfectly balanced.

Socks, yes or no? If yes, in which color?

Who is speaking, wears the suit without socks from April on, but in working situations, socks must be worn at any time, period. The color choice is mostly related to shoes, therefore if you’ll decide for black shoes, then sock must be black or gray, meanwhile, if you’ll give dark brown a shot, you can decide to wear burgundy colored socks, which results as sort of chromatic continuum of the shoes.

And accessories?

They are exactly what denotes the final result of a look, or at least the attention that the man shows towards himself…personally I don’t like black ties so, as in this case, I choose a midnight blue tie, which tends towards black rather than blue, in order not to create a chromatic mismatch. The pochette, or “pocket square” has the same color of the shirt, to give a touch of balanced color to the latter…don’t worry, the tie won’t be left alone, as it will chromatically match the shoes…in case you’ll opt for dark brown shoes, then the tie will be more appropriate if worn in an off burgundy color. All ties made of shiny fabrics must be avoided at any time…they are completely out of context!!!

Frank Gallucci