Streetstyle MWFW Sept 2016 – Women
5 November 2016
frankgallucci stockholmfashionweek
15 November 2016


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Photo by Andrea Menin of ChillaxingRoad


An ordinary afternoon in Milan.

It was a long time that I had seen this bridge near my apartment, so as soon as I could, I took the opportunity to take an outfit with waistcoat and give some opinions on its use. For many, the use of this garment is exclusively seen to a canonical way but it really should not be like this; obviously extrapolate a vest to a dress created especially for it and propose it again on a casual outfit becomes more difficult.

Historically the vest was born in France when King Louis XVI imposes his courtiers a certain lifestyle that is reflected on the uniform: a way to stand out from the bourgeoisie. From here, the concept of the gentleman, of “homme de qualitè” . Born the French suit, three-piece, jacket, vest and shorts who was nothing but a skin-tight trousers and knee-length. Originally the volumes and proportions of that garment were very different from today: the vest initially foresaw long sleeves, a collar and a considerable length. With the time has gone to a change through the drastic reduction of the length and totally eliminating the sleeves and the collar.

It was an use of the male universe until the middle of 1900, then finally through the help of the media at the end of the ’60 enters in the female wardrobe; the first to clear his image was Liza Minnelli in “Cabaret.” Soon you will find in another section of the accurate description of the vest history and its evolution over the centuries.

My look ?? An use of the vest in a modern key … On the waistcoat I matched two denim garments in a color scale starting from the darkest color to give continuity to the iconic adidas gazelle, until more light washed denim shirt . The denim pants I wear specifically belongs to a category of Japanese fabric that never or rarely loses its fit even when it has a considerable stress daily.



Frank Gallucci