Tommy Hilfigher: state of mind

19 March 2018
frankgallucci giuliagaudino tommyhilfigher


The style that everyone of us own is something innate that improves or in any case is refined over the years… I wanted to start with this incipit because basically that’s what I think about style! Personally I think I have a fairly varied style with thousand of nuances that allows me to wander a lot and when I find myself in front of some very versatile brands as in this case my mind sees many ideas. The key always lies in the versatility …

With Tommy Hilfigher we had fun creating two outfits that could balance, in my opinion, the couple in the two different choices … Denim as a common denominator for a base from which to start and then to complete the rest of the look with different pieces: Giulia opted for an oversized flannel shirt while I was wearing a thick wool turtleneck sweater with an American style bomber but a more moderate fit than the classic ones that are very swollen on the hips. A brand, TH, very transversal that manages to cover very well the different dressing step of what is the masculine universe: the Hilfigher’s man is a very cool man. Usually when I choose a brand I go into their webstore to understand 360 degrees how it moves and since the first moment I realized that the hypothetical virtual wardrobe was completely covered from Monday to Sunday for any eventuality.



Frank Gallucci