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MMFW Jan 2017 day 3
20 February 2017
7 March 2017
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Open War…

POLO: it is the classic American coat, made more casual by the big patch pockets and the half belt. Usually, it is made of worsted wool.

The old school says that the coat par excellence is the one that ends at the knees; meanwhile, the new school says that this garment can also have a shorter length which ends at half thigh. Well, historically, the convention wants that the quintessential coat, must be long enough to cover the knees, underlining the old school opinion, but this doesn’t denote an unavoidable rule that says we are in front of a mess: yes, this is the word used to define the new sustainers of the new and young   school concerning this garment. Actually, since I take advantage of the contaminations of various styles, I don’t have a cast iron rule in this field and this allows me to range in different declinations. If the coat is properly shaped, it can be worn open, giving the idea of a relaxed look even we are talking about a very formal garment.

Total predominance of white: I usually combine tone on tone shades as long as there is a small chromatic difference which is broken by the denim shirt that comes between the end of the trousers and the beginning of the sweater. Many ask themselves why I use a shirt under a turtleneck: well, the reasons can be essentially two, a functional one and an aesthetic one. You talk about functionality when the shirt has a thicker layer than the classic t – shirt and it works as a “shield” against cold, meanwhile in its aesthetic value the soft collar delicately caresses the collar of the sweater and underlines an attention to detail. The iconic Borsalino hat and the dark brown calfskin leather derbies close from tip to toe my choice.

Frank Gallucci