Pitti uomo 88 day 3
14 October 2015
15 October 2015


When two entities with the likes of Milan and the “Accademia del lusso”, join their forces, it is sure that the result won’t be anything else than something excellent.

#expo(sure) is the meeting scheduled by “Accademia del lusso” to celebrate and introduce the works realized by Fashion Design students… Before describing the fashion show, I would like to explain what the Accademia del lusso really is: it represents the Italian institute that for ten years has been specializing into the development of professional figures of the main branches of fashion and design, by taking care of joining labor market demands and ambitions and desires of who would like to undertake a career into the world of fashion and luxury system.

The Pelota in via Palermo in the heart of the “meneghinian” city has framed this event, in which 25 students have done their best by creating 75 different looks..yes, finally some looks that get closer to daily fashion, because usually runway items stay really far from it!

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