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14 October 2015
frankgallucci pitti87
Pitti faces
14 October 2015
frank gallucci

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photo by Giacomo Baroni


Here we are!!
Today begins a sort of journey inside the world of Virgin Active, a world entirely built on wellness!!!
With me you will discover all you have to know around this world through training tutorial with my personal trainer highly skilled, a lot of tips about right diet, the phases of relax with sauna, turkish bath and the very exclusive spa!!
My favourite center is that in Corso Como in Milan.
Usually I train during the morning pretty early and once I finish my training I need some rest for 15-20 min to take a coffee reading newspaper…
Today’s work-out it’s a simple muscle vascularity, a training so-called “circuit”: an exercise for each muscle group until the completion of the circuit; stop for 4 minutes before starting again..do it four times!!!
P.S.: each exercise includes a series of 15 repetitions
That’s my program for three weeks!!!

See you soon