30 March 2016
Ice gray
10 April 2016


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Photo by Stefano Coletti


The photos come now but I could not publish them.

I’m not here to talk again about New York because I have already spoken previously and I promise that I will talk about it specificaly  through a detailed description in the section “city guide.”

Let’s say that that day I dared the cold because of ripped pants and I can not not hide that at the end of the day I was destroyed.  The element from which I started to build the outfit is obviously the blue damask jacket  … I  always prefer to start from the most difficult element to match; so having a jacket withblue and black I decided to reset the color through the neutrality of white, matching the blue turtleneck  and black boots as the coat … The last one is a classic eight bottons peacot whic I had in my closet!! Sometimes you need just to have a look in your wardrobe to have new ideas….

 Frank Gallucci