27 November 2016
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6 December 2016


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“From Rome With Love”

The title of a famous movie, directed by one of the greatest directors on the planet, follows me during a two day visit to Rome, for the opening of a new Tod’s Boutique, entirely focused on menswear. With me, a colleague and friend, Fabio Attanasio, with whom I had the pleasure to spend this getaway from Milan.

The hotel which hosted us is located literally at 200 meters from Piazza di Spagna so, once arrived we left our luggage had a quick shower and Fabio and I rushed into the streets of this amazing city, during the hour before the the beginning of the opening event. Maybe there are no words which are appropriate to describe the beauty we are used to imagine: well, in Rome, the imagination ends and reality begins…even if we often visit Rome, we were enraptured into the tiny streets of the city centre, with that typical light which makes it so infinitely fascinating. From 7.30 pm to 9 pm, as scheduled, we visited the Boutique to see the collection and speak both with the press office and Andrea Incontri, menswear designer of the Tod’s brand, to whom we submitted a myriad of questions which he kindly answered. The best part came at the end of the event: a private dinner at the JK Place among friends of Diego e Andrea Della Valle and few other invited, such as Enrico Mentana, Dante Ferretti, actors like Stefano Accorsi and Alessandro Preziosi. What I really like of Diego and Andrea Della Valle is their human dimension, the ability to make you at your own ease and to be perfect hosts in such a spontaneous way (I really want to stress out these aspects because not always these relevant characters have this innate kindness, on the contrary they can look forced). A memorable night.

But the true surprise arrived on the following day: a private visit to the Colosseum with the Tod’s staff, which showed us the completed external restoration of Colosseum and the beginning of the works that will make it bloom again also on the inside…a restoration strongly wanted by the Della Valle family in the name of Italian beauty, in the name of history, in the name of culture.

I had already visited the Colosseum, but this time, after seeing it from every angle, by exploring it from the basement to the top, I’ve ascertained even more its magnificence.

I consider very appropriate to thank the whole Tod’s staff: a special treatment by them, marked by kindness and a family friendliness difficult to repeat nowadays.

Frank Gallucci