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13 October 2015
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The world of literature has always created characters that have inspired and influenced male’s fashion collections, but among those, one in particular has tied his name to a unique style and elegance: Jay Gatsby. 

Created by the famous American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby embodies the symbol of a gilded age lived by the United States just before the great financial crisis of 1929, the so called “Jazz Age”. Coming from a modest and poor North Dakota farmers family, James Gatz adopts the pseudonym of Jay Gatsby after having saved the life of a rich yatch owner, Mr. Dan Cody, who, in order to return the favor decides to hire the young guy and to teach him everything he needs to become an impeccable gentleman.

After Mr. Cody’s death, Gatsby joins the US Army and being sent to Louisville for a military training, he meets the young and beautiful heiress Daisy Fay. The two start an intense sentimental relationship, interrupted by World War One; despite having sworn eternal devotion to each other, during his European military service, Gatsby gets to know that Daisy has married a rich Chicago polo player, Tom Buchanan.
Returned to the United States as War hero, Gatsby settles in an extremely luxurious mansion located in West Egg (fictitious name used by Fitzgerald to indicate Kings Point, located on Long Island eastern coast), exactly on the opposite side of the bay where Daisy resides with her new husband. From this moment on, Gatsby will throw wild parties to which thousands of guests will take part, hoping that one night Daisy, his only love and reason for living, will be among those guests. 

The refinement and meticulous attention to details, taught to him by Mr. Cody, shine through Gatsby’s style, made even more popular to the great audience thanks to interpretations on the big screen made by Robert Redford e Leonardo Di Caprio, respectively in 1974 and in 2013.

Both movie transpositions have used perfectly appropriate costumes to represent Gatsby’s iconic style, realized by two exceptional fashion firms made in the US, Ralph Lauren for the 1974 edition and Brooks Brothers for the 2013 one.



Here you find three memorable looks that represent Jay Gatsby’s essence at their best.


   Three piece summer suit


“You always look so cool”  cit. Daisy













Wether with a double breasted tone on tone vest or with a single breasted contrasting one, the three piece summer suit is the garment that makes Gatsby always look perfect, even during a sweltering New York summer



The fundamental garment to hide among the crowd of his sparkling parties.


the gret gatsby frank gallucci


Wide peak lapels, pearl white double breasted vest, plissé shirt with diplomatic collar and white bow tie for Redford.




Small peak lapel, striped black vest, white shirt with tab collar and small black bow tie for Di Caprio.


Free time look

the great gatsby on frank gallucci


Seen only in the more recent movie version, this look results as simple as effective, perfect for a day dedicated to relax and impeccable for the choice of colors and cloths.!

Crew neck cachemire sweater with contrasting horizontal bands, to pair with white linen pants and cream colored shoes with brown rubber soles. At his wrist a rectangular cased steel watch (although created ten years later than the time in which the Great Gatsby’s is set, Di Caprio wears a Tiffany of the 20’s).


by Francesco Tarabuzzi