Tone on Tone
17 March 2017
Utility Regeneration in Stockholm
24 March 2017

Vehemently entered into the elite group of historical and iconic shoes, today they represent a sort of must on both sides: male and female. Chic, resourceful and versatile, the Gazelle were officially born in 1968, at the beginning they were used as athletics shoes, since their flat and comfortable soles eased a dynamic run; later they started to be used daily especially among sportsmen and football supporters.

Many are the “big” who have worn them and keep on wearing them, but only a few truly pass into the annals of fashion history: Noel Gallagher, light of the rock band “Oasis” used to wear them both in everyday life and on stage…






Jamiroquai’s frontman Jay Kay, also became the symbol of a famous collaboration with the brand:




But there’s a picture taken in the late 1993, in which a not yet star Kate Moss is immortalized while seating cross legged on the sofa..



These are shots reprised in 2016 into an animated GIF to relaunch this model made into dozens of new colors.

These shoes express freedom, freshness and a wild spirit (as underlined by their name) after more than 50 years after their official launch they still have an evergreen connotation because they have entered into well precise culture that is very popular into the various social tissues; the Global Design vice president Nic Galway said to BoF «We do not say to people how to wear something. The culture decides how it will be. We just want to reinforce this culture».

Frank Gallucci