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29 March 2016
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9 April 2016

Yes, Gentleman ….

One of the most over used words concerning the world of fashion and style!
Originally from an Anglo-Saxon extraction, for which it was indicated someone belonging to an intermediate class between the
aristocracy and bourgeoisie, it has, with time, changed its meaning by making a gentleman a person who looks and behaves in a refined way, with a noble and loyal soul. Unfortunately today, we tend too often to relate this term only to a well-dressed person, neglecting the character connotations that qualify the gentleman. The difficulty of placement of such an entity resides especially into the perception that we have of it which, over the years, has been widely stereotyped by the media. Our collective imagination has linked the Gentleman’s figure to the typical character of an Italian-American movie in which stylistic perfection from head to toe not always coincided with that of ethics and morality, just think of the characters from “The Godfather”.


As always, the “seventh art” has provided us several examples of Gentlemen, coming from different places and eras, from the very Italian De Sica, Mastroianni, De Curtis, passing from the Connery’s James Bond, up to the more contemporary Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio, who have had the privilege to impersonate respectively in the original and the remake of “The Great Gatsby” what is, perhaps, the true emblem of the Gentleman.



You think it’s endangered ???? Nooo, I don’t think so … but what me and my team uphold, is the all around concept of “Gentleman”, a concept that goes beyond the style related to dressing elegantly and has its roots in the way we hand ourselves to those around us. This concept, has many dimensions that define the true Gentleman, starting from good manners. The courtesy, friendliness, knowing how to listen to others and make them feel at ease, the pleasure to offer a smile, posture, are all characteristics and habits that distinguish a man and make him, then, a perfect gentleman; and I think that the list we just made doesn’t cost anything, in fact, it helps to destroy some barriers that often arise between relationships … A few days ago before writing the article, I was listening to a broadcast on TV and it was observed how some habits, proper of a true Gentleman, are actually disappearing: opening the door to a woman (now a privilege of the concierge outside hotels and restaurants), handing the seat to the woman, or even pour water or wine before to the fair sex rather than thinking only to ourselves … So as you can see, suggestions to be implemented are few and simple !! !I have slightly moved myself from an aspect mainly connected with clothing, to remark character or behavioural aspects but that doesn’t mean that it is totally non influent: to always have a proper attire, in different situations that occur in our everyday life, also gives a chance to become a Gentleman…it is not necessarily required to wear a suit, tie and pocket square to be considered one of them, also because in cities such as Milan, New York, London, where business is around every corner, almost every men wear a sort of uniform and we absolutely cannot allow us to think that all of whom wear every morning their suit can be Gentlemen… Concerning this, I leave you with my article written for Zalando in the specific section dedicated to the “Gentleman style” in which I try to enlighten my “theory” about the evolution and changes of nowadays Gentleman:

Frank Gallucci