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13 October 2015
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In the world of art, an artist becomes a Master when his works are immediately recognized and attributed to him, since the brush strokes or the skillful way of polishing marble can only be a result of his creative genius.! Equally, in the world of haute couture, a stylist becomes iconic when his clothes are unmistakable and able to communicate a unique style identity, thanks to the men and women who wear them. This is certainly the case of one of the greatest fashion designers of all times, able to relate his n!ame to a concrete idea of elegance, Giorgio Armani. !

Born in Piacenza and raised, together with the elder brother Sergio and the younger sister Rosanna, by his parents Maria and Ugo, Armani moves to Milan in order to attend the Medicine department at the Università Statale. The academic career, however, is interrupted by the enrollment into the army by the young Armani. Thanks to his studies in medicine, Armani is promoted and moved to Verona, where he finally decides to change his professional path. Back in Milan, Armani is hired at the department store “La Rinascente”; he works as a salesperson, window dresser, and photographer until 1965, when the Biellese entrepreneur Nino Cerruti hires him as a designer of his male clothing line Hitman. Armani’s talent is immediately recognizable and after a few years he links his name to a clothing line, the Sicons, creating the Armani by Sicons line. Moved by the positive results obtained and encouraged by his loyal friend, later on partner, Sergio Galeotti, Armani founds the Giorgio Armani Spa on July the 24th of 1975, launching his name into the world of male and female ready to wear fashion. ! Armani doesn’t create a simple collection, but a true revolution, by giving new perspectives to clothes that had been unchanged for decades: inspired by the atmosphere of black and white 1930’s movies, but also by arabian and oriental culture, Armani creates iconic clothes, using as unusual as innovative materials and a neutral color palette between gray and beige, giving birth to a new tone, the greige.


greige frankgallucci



The garment which better reflects Armani’s new philosophy of elegance is certainly the jacket: by setting it free from paddings and internal canvases, Armani gives to the jacket a more relaxed connotation, without losing elegance, able to enhance the shapes of a men’s body, but also to seduce the feminine audience. In a role game between male and female, Armani creates the lady’s suit inspired by the femininity of movie divas such as Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich, perfect for working women who are searching for a contemporary and sophisticated elegance. Global fame arrives in 1980, when in a very well known scene from the movie “American Gigolo”, a young Richard Gere creates, to the rhythm of music, a series of impeccable outfits on his bed, by matching suits, shirts and ties made by Giorgio Armani.


americangigolo frankgallucci

American Gigolo


During his career, marked by entrepreneurial successes and worldwide achievements, Armani has been able to diversify his interests by joining to his fashion collections lines of glasses, perfumes, books, furniture, music, food, clubs, hotels, restaurants and even buying Milan’s basketball team, g!iving birth to an incredible yet magnificent empire.!

Today, after 40 years from the foundation of his company, we can only pay homage to the sovereign of this empire and Italian style ambassador in the world, “King” Giorgio Armani.


giorgioarmani on frankgallucci



I leave you with a documentary which few of you have already seen where you can admire King Giorgio.

Documentary by the great Martin Scorsese!!



Written by Francesco Tarabuzzi