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26 December 2015
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29 December 2015

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19 of November the Hffa “ Haute Future Fashion Academy ” in Milan, invited me as guest for a seminar. Hffa, located in a wonderful place into the heart of Milan, borns in 2011 and purpose a huge and detailed formation to create a new generation of professional not only from the a creative point of view but managing too. If you wanna ahve a total perception of this prestigious Academy visit its website within which you could find everything.

It was my great honor to be present next to people like Valentino Odorico, Max sortino, Josefine Englund and Amilcare Incalza who explained really good what they do and their focus.. So, the title of the seminar was “ To know and to communicate fashion “ and thanks to it the public could understand how we work in a different areas and understand the communication process off-line and on-line.

The first guest, Valentino Odorico, fashion editor with a good experience between television and important magazine as GQ Italy and Runway;he explained us how the off-line communication works nowadays.

Max Sortino, famous and important journalist of, spoke about the way of working of a web editorial staff; through his meticulous explanation and personal testimony we could understand his activity above all during the most stressful period of the year among fashion shows, new presentation of collections, press day tec…

Then was the turn of Josefine Englund ( great stylist who collaborated with magazine as “L’Officiel Italia” and super photographers ). Through the use of pic about her specific job she explained which are the essentials elements for a stylist.

Before me, Amilcare Incalza litterally captured our attention and our mind with his words…I honestly think it’s pretty simplistic to call it “photographer”, because it’s more appropriate “artist”. We were totally absorbed by his tone of voice with which he did a little overview of the history of photography from the origin to the present , expounding for the best, the concept of static pictures as opposed to dynamic

The seminar started with off-line matter and ended with on-line matter…the new way of communication realative to blogger and influencer… I tried to explain how a blog works, with its dynamics, positive part and negative part (because as always there is no just a positive side; we can definitely say that probably we are good to show just that side), the heavy and stressful period of the year in which we basically live with an always ready luggage, the free period, how borns the interest of the brand for us and etc…. I also added a personal thought explaining the real difference among various bloggers and why few can survive and the rest unfortunately disappear…

We have also a lot of criticism and it’s obvious because when you decide to live your life so “social” that’s normal but I really don’t understand the people who judge without knowing us before..Anyway I am sorry but if you like or not we are a category and for some point of view we represent a market.

I deeply would like to say a big thanks to the Hffa for the opportunity and above all for the warm hospitality they gave us and thanks a lot to the public as well!!