What to wear for a safari…

Discovering Dubai
16 November 2015
Modern businessman
18 November 2015


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Photo by Simon Scott White

Our first day in Dubai ends with the best experience of our journey: the safari into the desert…In my opinion the appropriate outfit for this kind of experience is really simple, yet it’s up to us to customize it to make it more particular and cool…to me, the most important element is represented by sunglasses, which for this time do not have an aesthetic role only yet more functional, because, as you can imagine, the sun in the desert is really strong and sunglasses also repair you from the sand, when you take a ride with a roofless car like we did during the safari (then it’s up to you to choose a pair which apart from the functional side is also in line with your style: I chose the classic Persol, which to me completely represent the appropriate type of glasses for a wild place like the desert).

A white tee, a pair of cargo trousers and a pair of sneakers…..all of this simply paired with a brown leather backpack to keep the essentials in the desert.