Street-style MMFW Jan 2017-HATS
8 February 2017
Giancarlo Giannini
16 February 2017
frankgallucci galleriavittorioemanuele milano


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“I don’t care what plans you have for tonight…cancel them all because tomorrow they will remove all Christmas decorations and tonight we have to take a photo shoot!! You choose the outfit…just one thing: make sure there will be a chromatic harmony with the surroundings”.

This was Leo’s (the photographer) text at 7 in the morning on January the 6th…

Also in this field, the city of Milan can boast an innate elegance. Yes, that very simple, refined, discreet elegance that declares its masterful sumptuousness. Here, Christmas decorations are so coherent and linear that almost look like a natural extension of the pre existing structures on which they are placed. Nothing is left to chance, especially for details. Gray, off white, beige and blue are the chromatic tones by which we are surrounded. 

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele totally free of the noises which belong to daytime, allows us to warm ourselves with its perfection, despite the freezing temperature (-3°); very few nocturnal survivors are around but all of them stop anyway under the dome to look at it with enchantment.. A couple of steps further, in Brera, the context is instead less resounding, as it is preferred a softer situation…soft like the above mentioned chromatic tones which completely reflect the ones chosen by me.

Frank Gallucci