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5 October 2016
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17 October 2016
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Photo by Virginia Gelli



Latin America???????

Yes, the title is inspired by that determined geographical context in which we are used to see this kind of shirts…you think about Colombia, Venezuela, Perù where maybe there is no great attention to clothing because there is more attention to daily pragmatism, but it is exactly this nonchalance that gives birth to a trend, as this garments have become cinematographic after some directors have used them in some of their iconic movies: think about Al Pacino, or Benicio del Toro while playing the drug dealer “Pablo Escobar”, or Magnum PI and many others.

They are clothes that are created to wear the silhouette in a comfortable way, without strictly designing the body curves allowing also to unfasten a button more without being worried to be classified as not elegant. The shirt is the visually predominant item, so I have matched it to a chromatic low tone pair of trousers: it is a pair of trousers made to measure by Christopher Kaprelian to whom I address quite often for the creation of my trousers; specifically, these last ones are flat front, with a high waist and crotch and are distinguished by a 4 cm waistband that ends with a double buttoning closure. The turn-up is 5 cm, meanwhile the bottom width is set at 17cm.

We close the look with a shoe that belongs to a company deeply “made in italy” which I have been following for a long time and with whom I have the luck to collaborate: it is Moreschi, a brand that operates in the luxury department and distinguishes itself for its leathers and the extreme cleanliness of its shapes.

shirt Antonio Marras / shoes Moreschi / trousers Made to Measure by Christopher Kaprelian


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