Elegance never fades
3 February 2016
Ladies and Gentlemen: Pitti 89
11 February 2016
frankgallucci in missoni



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Photo by:

Andrea Menin of Chillaxingroad 

Francois-Xavier of Webstylestory


Many people ask me how much time I spend in front of the closet creating my daily look. In reality, it takes me only a few minutes. (Of course, when preparing for travel, I spend a bit more time because I want to pack precisely and efficiently.) The reason I spend only a few minutes selecting my outfit of the day is because I already have a concept of colors in my mind. Have I made mistakes along the way? Plenty of times.

By the way, stop shirt and tie to dress up in a different way!!!

Today’s color combination is grey, white, and green. I have also paid particular attention to the different fabrics to match the cashmere, the wool and the denim pants!!! The cashmere belted coat and jacket are recognizably Missoni by the distinct knit pattern of the fabric.

I am really proud to wear Missoni because they truly represent the concept of “made in italy”— credibility, quality, attention to the details, craftmanship!!!



Coat and Jacket MISSONI / Sunglasses BARTON PEREIRA / Ring PROGETTO FEDE


Frank Gallucci