14 February 2015
Think different…
17 March 2015

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Photo bEleonora Proietti


Let’s start this period with a stressful work and a lot of news about my other section’s blog!!
I’ve already warned my team: we have a so many things to do for you!!
Actually in Milan the weather is good and we took this pic exactly one week before of the fashion week…as you can imagine when the fashion week starts often we don’t have enough time to update the blog because are always around between the show……That day of the shooting under the snow, the city was freezing but Eleonora called me and she litterally told me: hey baby please stand up and move your ass from the chair, we must take a pic…ahahahahaah
Ok the shoes and the lenght of the pants are not properly against the cold but….Wool Pied de poule pants with a light turtle neck under which I prefer to wear a denim shirt; shoes are burgundy “derby brogues” which link to the same colour of the scarf…For the rest just an incredible cold!!!

See you soon