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14 October 2015
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14 October 2015

l'artisan parfumer




Born in 1997, Mechànt Loup, the bad wolf, it’s a very autumnal fragrance.

Built around the hazelnut theme, it remembers a walk through the greenwood.

Therefore woods and musk notes, that comes to our nose, are very strong, surrounded by hints of spice, pepper and chili and accord 0f patchouli, myrrh and tonka bean. Thanks to the star anis and licorice is not a very hot fragrance but remains fairly tepid. Definitely belongs to the category of woody, very boisè, somewhat wild.

Close our eyes.

Imagine, inhaling the perfume, to walk in a forest during the autumn, few leaves on the branches, many on the ground.

A dense forest path, between trees and shrubs, dotted with red leaves, burgundy, orange and ocher. And ferns, denoted by the initial fougere tone.

Creaking of brunches on the ground.

Moving shrubs and leaves. An huge dark figure appears behind our shoulders:

it’s a BAD wolf!!

frank gallucci


Scent definitely particular, very good, in my taste, even if it is far from my favourite accord, firstly oud.

Huge flow: too labile, lasts very little.

Sillage not too heavy, rather moderate. This because is made only in Eau de Toilette version. Unfortunately.





Classic bottle from the Artisan. heptagonal thick glass, is proposed in 50ml and 100ml format, priced around 75-85 euro for the first one, 100-115 the second

You can find it from Mazzolari (Galleria San Babila- Milano)

written by Federico Lapo Bonini