25 November 2016
From Rome with Love
5 December 2016


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Why the title?

Nope, because I deny my origins , but because in this city you breathe every day an air of composure, elegance or passion for the beauty. Everything is in order, and not only because it’s more efficient; the classic milanese loves being surrounded by beautiful things and if you ask them a reason they answer it lives better. I can definitely say I traveled a lot in my life and I’ve never found a city with a high density of elegant people during my daily routine. When I talk about elegance, I don’t mean people with jackets and ties or high heels which resonate quite boring and trite, but that kind of understated elegance, discreet … The Milanese is basically always very elegant but the most interesting aspect of this my analysis does not reside in native people but focuses on all those people who come to Milan for business reasons or study and will quickly learn all its aspects of elegance. Not infrequently I meet so many persons really changed in a few months because of Milan. Around the streets of Milan it can feel a different mood and each zone of the city is unique. Brera is perfect in its organization with typical restaurant, and boutique small and chic..and if you analyze Brera you soon see that its people is elegant as much as it; another part of the city is Piazza Affari, the financial district and of course as Wall Street, the environment is so austere and strict…the most eclectic neighborhood is “Navigli” which guests a type of more heterogeneous population  just a bit out from the conventional schemes.

Anyway Milano doesn’t go unnoticed.



Frank Gallucci