11 August 2013
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20 January 2014

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Photo by Alessio Montana 


Hellooooooooooo ….. how are you????

Here we are in Milan in a place away from the usual layer of cement that is gripping this city … It is called the “mountain of San Siro,” a park where luckily you can stay away from the incredible smog overlooking Milan and you lets look at the city from top to bottom!

During the Vogue Fashion Night in Milan I had the pleasure of meeting an African fashion designer emerging that is emerging in the fashion world . His name is Paul Roger Tanonkou and the brand of which we speak is Zenam Couture, whose meaning is ” ray of sunshine “. We started a collaboration and I’ll introduce other clothing also in the future posts. This clothes is unique, handmade; what distinguishes these leaders, in addition to the fantasy which obviously evokes the style and African patterns, is the WAX (type of fabric similar to the cotton that has a history rather bizarre because it is a african fabric discovered by the Dutch during their conquests and then exported in the Netherlands). This fashion designer with her own brand will take part in the most important fashion week in the African continent and, from 2014, will expand its production to get more on the market.

The special feature of today is definitely the pants which as you can see is very extravagant … I preferred to choose  a white  t-shirt under a sweater jacket with a white pocket square.

At the end, the beauty of fashion is just that, you have the possibility to be daring with their own tastes without being ashamed …. the important thing is to feel comfortable with any clothes you bring …..


Bye guys…


 I’m wearing  

Pants Zenam Couture

Blazer Zara

Shoes Massimo Dutti