Ice gray
10 April 2016
Cool Biker
13 April 2016


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New York…..
A city dense with emotions, ideas, with a mixture of incredible ethnic…. They call it the city of hope, but objectively many do not know that when we land in the big apple is not as simple as it appears in the movies … having said that the charm and the beauty of New York is indisputable …
For the five days of fashion week our headquarters ( so called because our group was formed by Giorgio Merlino and Veronica Ferraro) was a hotel in Soho, probably my favorite quarter in New York; a neighborhood far from neurotic city, a very inspiring and very appropriate for those who don’t want to live a chaotic New York especially after the whole day spent always running!
As regards the way of clothing ???
Well, first of all I tried to cover myself as much as possible to fight the cold and at the same time I tried among the thousands of layers, to maintain a certain stylishness for fashion week; a double-breasted blue pinstripe wool, pants of course in wool but with a different fantasy that breaks the stripes of the jacket, because as you can see is a simple blue! An ice-gray turtleneck that matches with the color of the stripes and a pair of dark burgundy derby conclude everything.
Frank Gallucci


Frank Gallucci