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24 July 2017
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Frank Gallucci


Probably passed to history as the “shoe” , even today after several years since its first official launch, the Nike Jordan is a milestone in the family’s sneakers. And thinking that “MJ” until the last second has tried to close the contract with Adidas, because the German giant was the dream of American ace. In 1984, Nike wanted to fight the Converse and Adidas domains in the cattle industry and looked at a new, young man who could break the usual routine of the classic testimonial players the world already knew all about. Thus, before the start of the 1984-85 season, Jordan had the possibility of three options to sign a “shoe deal” contract between Converse, Nike and Adidas. Although Nike offered a $ 7 million pharaonic contract to be wound up in five years, Jordan himself tried everything with Adidas to let them know that if they only approached that figure, he would accept it without any hindrance. But we all know how to get to the end the story, so most likely someone in the Adidas headquarters is still wondering why such a big mistake.

The shoe over the years was immediately modified from the logo that originally came with a winged balloon surmounted by the word “Jordan”, while the second and last logo features the famous “jumpman” which is nothing more than the reproposition of a jump made by MJ. This type of shoe, known for its high shape, is maintained at the same time as a sneaker connotation and It is often linked to the idea of ​​a very sporty suit. However, occasionally,  you have to break some conventions: my advice on using the new Nike Air Jordan?

Wear them with a suit … obviously this is a complete sporty linen, avoiding the usual shirt and choosing a simple tee. An appropriate look for an aperitif at sunset and why not, even for a hypothetical white party.



You can find this pair of shoes on Zalando
Frank Gallucci