Utility Regeneration in Stockholm
24 March 2017
29 March 2017


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Photo by ChillaxingRoad


Cimitero monumentale…

Yes, exactly a cemetery..I am saying this because usually in our mind this corresponds to a gloomy place in which we rarely stop… That’s a new area located not too far from the center of Milan and it has been engineered for a pleasant stopover or an easy stroll. The colors recall an oriental landscape, with a predominance of white which reflects ones I wear.

Off-white, or properly said bianco sporco in italian, it’s a type of color very much seen during the summer seasons so when you use it so far from that period I recommended to blend it with a warm color like brown whose doesn’t differ much from the chromatic family of the White.


Sunglasses SPEKTRE / Leather Jacket M.GRIFONI


Frank Gallucci