31 May 2016
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Pitti uomo 90 day 1
28 June 2016


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Photo by Bart Winter



Yes, “old school” because also if we nowdays use the double-breasted, it remains as a piece which the system calls “old school”; then if to this we add the photos black and white, the jump in the past is pretty much done.

A double-breasted that you can find in a classic Italian-American movie in which, unfortunately, the common denominator was the Mafia; old gangster loved this type of dress with pinstripe especially because (in my opinion) gave them a strict tone. For me obviously this is not the same meaning because I wear it without being pretentious and without strange thoughts, and also beacause I have no intention to emulate certain characters who are so far from my way of being and thinking. A kind of suit watched in a typical Italian movies where famous people like Toto, Mastroianni, De Sica made it a trademark.From those years the measures changed; I mean taht the clothes tend to be more straighter perhaps they tend to follow better body shapes: the characters I mention above are part of a time when volumes were different. Let me explain: if you take a look at those movies you see that jackets and pants were much wider than they are today because they were trying to give space to the elegance while maintaining a maximum comfort. The very wide pants, long jackets with wide armhole …

Well I must say that today’s style tries to mimic that elegance with considerably different volumes: the  jacket slimmer and short,  tight pants and sometimes very short; who can say what is the best elegance ??? Several opinions.. I definitely think it is difficult to decree what is best more than anything else because when you are in different eras, the dynamics are just  different.


Frank Gallucci